Hi there! I am Jen and I think that life is happy!

My favorite thing in the world is spending time with my amazing husband and six adorable kiddos. I am an optimist to the core and kind of a cheeseball. I love Dr. Pepper! I am a girly-girl with an adventurous side: yes, you will probably find me hiking, camping or snowshoeing, but my hair dryer and makeup bag will definitely be along for the trip. I like to build stuff and paint stuff and use power tools…except for power screwdrivers because they kind of scare me. I love to sing. Super fast roller coasters and spinny rides are my favorite. I love to write. I can’t resist using ellipses and exclamation points because they best convey my iner voice…even if I know they aren’t grammatically correct. I love really good burnt-almond fudge ice cream…and French pastries…and Dr. Pepper. Did I mention that I love Dr. Pepper? I love chick flicks, comedies and hilarious tv shows (Modern Family, anyone?), but you will never EVER find me watching a scary movie because even commercials for scary movies give me nightmares! I love to cook and sew and do crafty stuff. I make amazing chocolate chip cookies…and I love to share! I believe in God and that He wants us to be happy. Planning parties and adventures and outings makes me giddy with excitement. I am kind of an organization freak…and a perfectionist…and a planner, but since becoming a mom I am learning how to ignore those things and just go with the flow {sort of...I seem to relearn this on a regular basis}.

I love to take pictures…in fact you could probably say I am obsessed! In the moments when I am not wiping sticky faces, holding (or feeding) my twin baby boys, reading stories to a couch full of kiddos or playing ring around the rosie, you will find me soaking up every bit of photography education I can get my hands on, browsing through instagram, pinterest and blogs to admire the work of artists I love, and snapping thousands and thousands of photos. While I love funky colorful walls, cool vintage set ups and all sorts of adorable photo props, the stuff that inspires me the most is capturing moments that mean something. I love photography that makes you feel closer to the subject…to love them more…to appreciate them more…to enjoy them more…and that is what I hope you feel as you look at my work.

If you read all this and think we could be friends, I know we are going to have a blast at your session! I can’t wait to take a peek into your life and find out all the things that make your life happy too!

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